asbeerations and us

ꕤ I met Agne almost 2 years ago. I remember we saw each other at one Freshers party in the UK, where no one knew anyone and everyone were trying their best to adjust to a new place. Both me and Agne formed perceptions about each other that weren’t true at all. I guess that happens often in life. We both need a lot of time to call someone a friend, therefore, we weren’t running around trying to meet new people just so we feel more secure. Back then, I had no idea this girl will be such a good friend to me and that one day we will create future ideas together. Agne was extremely supportive when I decided to give it a try and start a blog, and when she mentioned she’d love to do something similar – the idea of developing it together seemed amazing to me. I know we haven’t known each other that long and there are still so many new things for us to discover, but I feel like we make a cool duo. I guess friendships form a bit differently when you’re suddenly out in this whole wide world almost all by yourself after living 18 years with your family and friends you’ve known since childhood. Also, people do not always click instantly. And that’s ok. Life happened and we became course mates – so we didn’t forget about each other after that one weird party. We are the only lithuanians in our course, Agne, we should talk! And we talked, and we helped each other out when we were two young children facing a completely new culture, until we found out how similar we actually are.

Us killing time in our favourite tea house

☽ Now that you know how we met there is no point for me adding to that. Yes, two random people from the same small country met in a random city far away from home and became good friends, how weird is that? I never used to think about why that happened – maybe we were just looking for someone who reminds us of home in a new and unfamiliar country, or maybe we would be friends even if we met anywhere else in the world with circumstances completely other than we have now. As you know, Aiste started this blog and I joined later on (that is because she is so much braver than me) – I simply couldn’t help but smile when she used to talk about it like it was her baby. We were discussing some ideas for her blog when I slowly started thinking that maybe I could actually do it with her. I don’t remember how exactly this decision happened, but we went all in with this two-person-blog idea, brainstorming at random places at random times, being super excited, super clueless and just laughing away. Then I realised that this is what actually connects us – it’s not about some weird insecurity, loneliness or homesickness, but rather creativity, enthusiasm, passion for similar things and, most importantly, laughter. Aiste is definitely one of the best people I know and I am sure that we will make a great team – holding each other accountable, motivating one another and just having a good time.

Us being too excited about the food


Our journey to choosing the name started this spring. There happened to be one day when one of our best friends gave us the key from her flat, so we could prepare food for EuroVision (yes, we are fans). We had extra two hours until that. Instead of studying or preparing food, we started talking about names for the blog. It began as a funny discussion until we found ourselves intensely googling ‘’how to come up with the business name’’ ‘’words that start with an A’’, ‘’how to create a logo’’ and stuff like that. It was a huge mess, as we had zero and at the same time hundreds of different thoughts.

One of our main beliefs is that wandering is not always a bad thing. By not having a certain direction, by doing one thousand different things every day, you can finally reach some destination, and even if you won’t discover the world, the whole travelling journey is an accomplishment. We aspire to be someone, to create something, to end up somewhere. We wander, sometimes lost, sometimes following a certain direction, but we have it. We have goals and wishes. Things we dream about, things we want to achieve, to make it work. So as you can probably tell, the name asbeerations stems from the intention to record our thoughts, ideas, struggles and experiences while trying to reach aspirations we have in life. It doesn’t mean they don’t change all the time because oh boy they do! That’s why we decided to put everything in here and capture the messy mind of a young person. Sometimes ambitious and motivated, sometimes too lazy and really negative, we try to keep ourselves busy and keep pushing. That is where the ‘bees’ part comes from – besides making a really cute logo, we associate bees with hard work, dedication and wandering around the world. In this sense, we are, or more so, we strive to be as bees.

We don’t have one field that we concentrate in at the moment – we are not stylists, communication specialists nor travelers. Right now we’re just students experiencing the world, making friends, studying hard, having a lot of adventures, facing different problems and joys every second. We’re not trying to change the world, we’re not saying that what we do is good, right, or the correct way to do things. We are not trying to influence you, change your opinion nor expect that everything we write on is interesting to you. We can only hope that someone will relate to our journeys and find our stories evoking some kind of feelings. Anything you like.

If you’re wondering how could it be interesting/relevant for you – there is no correct answer. It’s important to understand that things we write about might often be subjective or get personal. However, this is certain – you don’t have to be our friend or know us to relate to us in any way.

We are who we are – two young people with many ideas, often having deep thoughts about life, sharing our own experiences and understandings about certain things. Hence, if you find at least something that interests you, something you can find at least a bit of yourself in – join us! We don’t expect that every post will be world-changing, but we promise to never stop improving and constantly develop this platform to become better – a place that invites open minds to discuss, to listen, to read, to celebrate.

You can find one new little section on the right sidebar of the page. With our love for inspiring people, we decided to share a little bit of something with you every week. You will always see a new quote we find the most relevant and relatable in some specific short period of time. This is the way for us to share sometimes inspiring and deep, sometimes just funny and simple sayings that we believe in, with all of you.

We would also like to give a huge shout out and a big Thank You to Tautvydas Gaizauskas (contact here) who helped bring our idea of the name into the reality – into the format you see asbeerations right now.

If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to express it in the comments section.

See you soon!

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