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You miss so many opportunities fearing what people may think or say. I have been wanting to write online for a very long time – I’ve even started once but gave up shortly after because of the sarcastic comments I received from people around me. I was 14 then – now, 7 years later, I’m trying again with one of the best people I know by my side. I’m joining Aiste and two of us will attempt to put at least a part of what is happening in our lives and heads into the asbeerations – a space to talk to ourselves, talk to you, a channel to share happy news, to struggle, complain, or inspire. 

My name is Agne, I am a 21-year-old from Klaipeda, Lithuania studying Media, Communication and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University, UK. I am to start my final year in October – time flies incredibly fast and I am terrified to think what I will do after. It seems that just a few months ago I arrived at this foreign country with no friends and no specific plan in mind – now, when I can call Newcastle my home, the next adventure is just around the corner. Yes, time flies. I guess that sharing my thoughts in this ‘online diary’ is a way for me to slow everything down, capture moments and experiences with an intention to look back – reflect, regret, or celebrate. 

In short, this summer I’ve decided to go home to Lithuania – I realised it was my last summer as an almost-adult-but-not-yet (?) undergraduate person, so I can spend it however I like. I have an exciting internship coming up, so I will spend a couple of months living in a new, beautiful city doing something I love. I’ll finally get to spend time with family, enjoy my hometown and friends – I haven’t done that properly in 2 whole years and it feels really strange. I really want to tell you more about these things in the near future.

So, in my head, summer of 2019 is for recuperating my thoughts for the challenges that await. We will see if that’s how it will turn out.

I can only hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. A little story, some thoughts and aspirations behind the asbeerations are coming to you very soon.

See you,

Agne ☽

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