it’s been a long time

This blog hasn’t been active for a while now. However, this is not because I forgot to write or that I’m bored with it already. It’s actually quite the opposite and I assure you will know what’s happening soon.

Now, about these past few months. When I look back, I realise it’s been a period of changes. When you go with the flow and get into your daily routine you don’t really notice how fast things actually change. That’s why it’s time for some reflection!

So, firstly, the second year of university is over. It was a one hard month trying to do my best and finish the year as good as possible. To be fair, it wasn’t just the month that was hard. The year was hard. It’s crazy how much stuff has changed throughout these 9 months.

This year was full of love&happiness, nights of studying and nights full of movies, days of hard work and days full of adventures. It was even more challenging than the first year, but much more fun at the same time. It was also the first time I was that sad while leaving the UK, as I usually cannot wait to go back home to Lithuania. It took me almost 2 full years to find my comfort zone there in Newcastle, and I can finally call that place my second home. But this post isn’t about that.

Another huge change for me is the summer internship that I found. It’s the first time I’m actually getting so close to the media industry and applying all the knowledge into the real world. It was crazy weird and hard at first, I was scared, doubting myself and questioning my competence in the field. However, now, when three weeks of work have passed, I can confidently say I’m loving it. I love the feeling when you know you’re in the right place in your life and when you can see you made good decisions in the past. I can promise you I’ll talk about these things more in the future, but this post isn’t about that.

These past two months were dedicated to the blog. Every free day, hour or second I could find, I came here. And this post is about that. It’s about the new name you see, about the new design you see and about the new goals and aspirations it will try to accomplish. As different and huge as it seems to me right now, these are just some small steps comparing to what I(?) have planned for the future of this page. I know it’s a bit empty and that some things might still be unclear, but I can only promise you everything will fall into a place throughout the time. Hopefully becoming something unique and different. For those who are questioning what is happening, what does this bee mean, what is this word and what is it even for – I simply cannot tell you yet. So maybe I wasn’t clear when I told you that this post is about that. Maybe it’s not. But it will be. Very very soon. One step at a time. Stay tuned!:)

ꕤ Aiste

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