why am I here?

Hi people!

Today I start doing the thing I’ve always secretly dreamed about, but never had enough courage and a ”who cares?” attitude. I guess there had been periods in my life where I was so concerned about what others think or talk about me, that I just kept making decisions which ensured me staying in my comfort zone. One of my biggest passions has always been singing, and I had to come a long way until I finally had enough courage to step on the stage to sing one song or two. And then I had times when I blamed myself for all the opportunities and chances I’ve missed. So this time, after almost a month of hesitation, I finally asked myself: “Is it really just a fear of failure or is it another excuse to avoid starting something new?”

I am a person and a citizen of this world. I was born in Lithuania and spent the most amazing time there before I moved to the UK to study Media, Communication and Cultural studies. That brings us to where I am now. Counting my second year in England. I wouldn’t lie if I told you that university was the main influence for me to start this blog. However, choosing a degree related to journalism has never been my intention. I remember sending 5 different applications to 5 different UK universities with the degree programs varying from marketing to linguistics. I had no idea what I was doing, but somehow life brought me to this place and hopefully I’ll talk about it more during this journey.

Probably another reason for starting this blog is that I barely ever stop thinking. Sometimes people call me the biggest over-thinker ever, but I simply cannot help it. My head is full of dreams and goals, which motivate me everyday, as well as some weird stuff, which sometimes makes this life a bit harder. This is why I really want this blog to be my platform to share whatever comes to my mind: from uni life and recipes I’ve been loving the most to the simplest ideas and thoughts that are running through my head. To be fair, I don’t really know what the future will bring, but I believe it will turn out as a good experience either way. All I know for sure is that this blog won’t be a place to share stuff I’m not passionate about, for instance, providing you with makeup tips when I usually spend 2 hours figuring out how to put the eyeliner on. Or maybe I’ll do an eyeliner tutorial when I improve enough to fit into a 1 hour-time slot, who knows. If you feel like this could be interesting for you, join me! I can’t wait to start this journey, fingers crossed it goes well!

♥ Lots of love!

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